Tobacco-Extract Inc.

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Backed by more than five generations in the tobacco industry, Tobacco-Extract Inc. knows tobacco leaf.

Over the years, we have been involved in every aspect of tobacco, including growing, curing, grading, teaching, and blending, and we still grow tobacco on our North Carolina farm.

From the ripest Flue-Cured from Nash County, North Carolina, to exotic Indonesian Srintil, we have broad experience in a variety of tobaccos for different applications.

We are experts in extraction and distillation and manufacture every product that we sell. Our factory is located in Durham, NC, USA, in the famous “Old Belt” growing area, and home to some of the finest tobacco in the world.

We have refined our methods over the years to produce extracts that express the true essence of the leaf. Each extract reveals, in a highly concentrated form, the depth, complexity and intensity of the tobacco itself.


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A revolutionary concept: flavor and enhance tobacco products with tobacco itself !

We select from the world’s finest tobaccos, and through a complex process of extraction and distillation, produce a highly concentrated extract that reveals the essence of the leaf.

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